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My interest in malay novels were ignited once again after reading 'Ayat-ayat Cinta'. This book is a far cry from the usual malay novels about love stories in our modern era. Yes, the author did touch on love but it is confined within the true Islamic ways/teachings.

This novel is about a girl named Sumayyah. It tells of her story from her last semester studying at Yarmouk University, Jordan, to her life back at her kampung hometown in Malaysia - taking over her dad's business, being wrongly accused and badmouthed by her neighbour, sharing and passing on her knowledge with her villagers, helping her eldest sister get back on the right path and lastly finding out that she did not graduate after all because she flunk one subject. Sumayyah is the perfect example of a Muslim girl. That is not to say that she is a perfect human being but her ideals, her way of life and thinking, that is how every Muslim girl should be like (me included). This book is full of teachings and realisations and the overall consensus I get from this book is calmness and peace, just like the title of the book which means snow which calms. A definite good read.

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